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About Student Mentoring Online

This site has been established for professionals with an interest in the mentoring of school students.

The site has been created by Frontline Solutions Ltd and UNITEC in Schools.

Professional enquiries should be directed to Doug Cowie of Frontline Solutions Ltd. Technical enquiries should be directed to Raewyn Smith of UNITEC in Schools.

The website has two parts:

  • The Professional Resource section includes a selection of professional readings related to student mentoring, links to other relevant websites and a discussion list where mentoring professionals can discuss and debate issues, establish networks and request and share resources. This section of the site may be freely accessed by all mentoring professionals.

  • The UNITEC/Frontline Student Mentoring section comprises the Student Performer™ - an interactive Web based package which allows students, mentors, school guidance counsellors and coordinators to access profiling and training tools that support school based mentoring. This section also includes an introduction to the package, a free trial of one of the six domains and a registration form which will to enable schools to subscribe to use the tools. Once registered, schools will have access to the complete tools for assessment, analysis and advice for mentors of students. This site is only available to students through registered educational institutions who
    1. have subscribed and registered
    2. professionally manage the profiling and mentoring follow up to support their students. The Student Performer™ is not available direct to students outside these supervised conditions.

    To use the Student Performer™ tools you must have Internet access and a recent Web browser such as Internet Explorer 5.0/Netscape 4.0 or better.

Mentoring Online > About Student Mentoring Online