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Introduction to Student Mentoring

This is a personal development resource for young people - identifying strengths and overcoming weaknesses that will impact on self-esteem - the foundation of personal performance in your studies, your personal development and your relationships with your family and other people.

Your reason for students engaging in this programme should be that they are aiming at building up their personal strengths so that they will start to reach their potential and keep up a quality lifestyle.

We are not be able to address all these on our own. We need to talk these through with others we can trust and gain wisdom from. We suggest this person will be your mentor.

There are a number of crucial concepts that need to be understood and accepted if you are going to develop personal qualities and become the best you can. These are:

  • You should always use your 'personal-best' as the key guide to setting your performance goals.
  • Making a mistake or getting something wrong does not mean you are a failure.
  • You need to find someone who really listens to you. (hears your words). This could be your mentor as well as your parents.
  • The better you know yourself, the easier it is to step outside your 'comfort-zone'.
  • To use your maximum potential you occasionally need to take 'acceptable-risks' not 'unacceptable-risks'.
  • To have a quality lifestyle you need to have the right amount of quality leisure.
  • To keep a healthy self esteem you must not spend your life trying to please all people all the time.
  • It is very healthy for you to regularly identify challenges that you can push yourself to your limits.

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Mentoring Online > Student Performer > Introduction to Student Mentoring