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How to Use the Tools

So you have decided you wish to find out about your self-esteem. Great! Now your mentor can guide you through the profiling exercises.

You will need about 30 minutes to complete all the questions - we suggest you only attempt one or two of the six sections at any one time online (10 - 15 minutes)

The process asks you to examine personal strengths and weaknesses by answering honestly some questions about how you see yourself. The resulting graphs are indicators of the state of your self-esteem - the driving force to being your best.

Your mentor can also answer the same questions to see if you both understand how you see yourself and also how others see you.

Behind each graph are explanations of which areas of your personal development could benefit from working together with your trusted mentor. There are also strategies and activities for you to work on together.

Over time, these activities will strengthen your confidence and give you the power to be your best in many areas of your life. Use these strategies with your mentor or someone you trust can share your development. After a time (3 - 4 months) you may wish to measure your progress by completing the assessment again. Your mentor will have the access to your results.


Mentoring Online > Student Performer