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Professional Readings

Case studies of secondary schools
Report prepared by Jim Peters for the Ministry of Education

Mentoring References

How do I go about evaluating our mentoring program?

Welcome to Youth Empowerment Seminars
Youth Empowerment Seminars (YES!) website, where the emphasis is on youth mentoring. This embraces adult mentors involved in mentoring relationships, Teachers as mentors of students and school Peer Mentor Programmes, where older students guide and nurture younger students.

Landscape of Support for Youth in Transition
This report provides an overview of examples of good practice local initiatives which assist young people, particularly those at risk of disengagement, into work and study, independence and healthy lifestyles. The report provides 48 good practice examples, covering urban and regional areas and addressing a wide range of youth in transition situations through, for instance, career information and advice, and mentoring. The overall purpose of this report was to build on what is already known about how Australian youth are being assisted in their transitions from school and dependence to independence and satisfying work.

Ambassadors for curious minds
A Times educational Supplement report about young adults who are drumming up pupils' enthusiasm for science and related careers.

Mentoring Research Project
This research was commissioned to explore national and international approaches to mentoring, particularly in school settings, and produce a document for consideration by Australian schools that could inform policy and implementation of mentoring in schools.

Is there a doctor in the house?
Gifted youngsters from disadvantaged backgrounds are being tempted into medicine by a growing band of committed mentors, as Rachel Pugh reports in this Times Educational Supplement article.

The ABCs of School-Based Mentoring
Linda Jucovy, National Mentoring Center, 2000

Building Relationships: A Guide for New Mentors
Linda Jucovy, National Mentoring Center, 2001

Contemporary Issues in Mentoring
Jean Baldwin Grossman, editor, Public/Private Ventures, 1999

Making a Difference: An Impact Study of Big Brothers/Big Sisters
Joseph Tierney and Jean Baldwin Grossman, with Nancy L. Resch, Public/Private Ventures, 1995

Mentoring: A Synthesis of P/PV's Research: 1988 - 1995
Cynthia L. Sipe, Public/Private Ventures, 1996

Mentoring School-Age Children: Relationship Development in Community-Based and School-Based Programs
Carla Herrera, Cynthia L. Sipe, and Wendy S. McClanahan, with Amy J.A. Arbreton and Sarah K. Pepper, Public/Private Ventures, 2000

Recruiting Mentors: A Guide to Finding Volunteers to Work With Youth
Linda Jucovy, National Mentoring Center, 2001

School-Based Mentoring: A First Look into its Potential
Carla Herrara, Public/Private Ventures, 1999

Sponsor-A-Scholar: Long-Term Impacts of a Youth Mentoring Program on Student Performance
Amy S. Johnson, Mathematica Policy Research Inc., 1999

Strengthening Mentoring Programs
Linda Jucovy, National Mentoring Center

Supporting Mentors
Linda Jucovy, National Mentoring Center, 2001

Training New Mentors
Linda Jucovy, National Mentoring Center, 2001

TES: Learning mentors praised by schools watchdog

TES: Mentors praised as exclusions fall

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