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My Guide
myfuture offers a learning quest in the form of My Guide, a personalised journey through the career maze to help people of all ages with discovery and decision making in their career. With the help of My Guide, users can understand their career needs, build a personal profile, generate career ideas, sort their favourite occupations, set their career direction and create and implement a career pathway plan.

The International Mentoring Association
The International Mentoring Association has completely redesigned its website. The new and improved version has greatly increased the resources, documents, and information sources for both members and non-members.

What's New from Mentoring Literature
THE AYMA scans the professional and popular published literature to find articles of interest to people involved in mentoring. Two of several hundred recent additions to the searchable, annotated bibliography.

Evaluating your program: A beginner's self-evaluation workbook for mentoring programs
Potomac, Maryland: Information Technology International.
Mertinko, E., Novotney, L.C., Kelley Baker, T., and Lange, J. (2000).
This comprehensive guide was prepared by the staff of Information Technology International and Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation as a way to evaluate the Juvenile Mentoring Program (JUMP). The workbook is a step-by-step guide for planning and customizing an evaluation using easy to understand, yet scientifically-valid methods for gathering and assessing data as well as disseminating evaluation results. An excellent resource for any youth-based mentoring service.

Mentoring Australia
This is a recently established group. It has useful materials including reports on mentoring programmes in Australia.

Mentors Peer Resources
A Canadian website with a mass of information and directories for further information

The National Mentoring Network
Based in the United Kingdom - Scotland and England. Has publications including some specifically focused on mentoring in schools.

Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota
Lots of resources and forums for discussion.

Tutor/Mentor Connection
An organization based in Chicago focused on youth mentoring. The site has useful material.

Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory
USA. Also has lots of information and resources. Click on to National Mentoring Centre.

The National Mentoring Partnership
An American mega-site.

Public/Private Ventures
Another American site. It has a good selection of abstracts and articles.

For those interested in following up on Resiliency see:
Resiliency In Action

Big Brothers Big Sisters of America
Includes publications of program effectiveness research. BBBSA is the oldest and largest youth mentoring organization in the United States.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada
The leading child and youth serving organization providing mentoring programs across the country. This site includes publications of national program effectiveness research, and a listing of local agencies.

Internet Nonprofit Center
An American site that provides information aimed at donors, volunteers and nonprofit organizations. The site includes information on a many subjects of interest to nonprofit organizations, including a library of nonprofit management topics like planning, evaluation, mission, and boards of directors.

National Mentoring Center
An American organization that provides training and technical assistance to mentoring programs through a variety of services and conferences. This site contains the Center's publications listed below, which are available for free downloading.

National Mentoring Partnership
An American organization that aims to provide the resources and tools mentoring organizations need to effectively serve young people in their communities. This site has a wealth of information, including on-line training modules for finding a mentor and becoming a better mentor, links to useful research, the elements of effective practice, on-line expert advice, and many other helpful resources.

Public/Private Ventures
A Philadelphia-based organization whose mission is to improve the effectiveness of social policies, programs and community initiatives, especially as they affect youth and young adults. Mentoring is among their priority areas of inquiry. This site contains many useful publications, including some of those listed below, available for free downloading.

Volunteer Canada
Provides resources aimed at supporting volunteerism and civic participation in Canada, such as standards for volunteer screening and management, information on trends in the voluntary sector, and links to local volunteer centres.

My Future is an Australian site which provides career information and a personalised career exploration tool with activities to assist students undertaking career development and planning. The site is a comprehensive resource for students, teachers and others assisting people to plan their career.

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