Students' User Guide

Go to the Mentoring Online home page and click "Members Sign-In". This will open a new window asking for your User ID and password. These will have been given to you by the Mentoring Online coordinator at your school.

After you have filled in your User ID and password and click the "Sign-In" button, you will be taken to the Welcome page.

Press the "Assess Myself" button to be taken to the assessment questions. There are 6 different domains. You can choose which domains you wish to assess by clicking on the box next to the domain, or you can choose "All Domains" to assess all domains at once. You will need at least 30 minutes to complete all the questions - we suggest you only attempt one or two of the six sections at any one time online (10 - 15 minutes).

If you cannot select a domain it means you have already answered the questions in that domain - you can only answer the questions in each domain once.

Once you have chosen your domains and clicked "OK", you will be taken into the questions. Statements are displayed on the page, one at a time. Use the boxes to indicate how strongly you agree with each statement. Choose your answer by clicking on the box that is closest to how you feel, and then click the "Next Question" button. You must select an answer to each question.

If at any stage you don't wish to carry on with the questionning process, click the "Clear Results and Exit" button. Your answers will only be recorded at this stage if you have answered a full domain. For instance if you have answered all of Domain A, but you are half way through Domain B, your Domain A answers will be saved, but your Domain B answers will be cleared. When you return to Mentoring Online you will have to re-answer all of the Domain B questions.

When you reach the end of your questions the answers will be recorded. If you exit Mentoring Online at any stage by closing the browser or turning off the computer without either finishing your questions or pressing the "Clear Results and Exit" button then none of your results will be recorded. We recommend that you only exit Mentoring Online by returning to the main menu and selecting the "Sign Out" button.

If you don't use Mentoring Online for more than 15 minutes you will automatically be signed out and, if you are in the middle of answering questions, all your answers will be lost. You should never leave the computer while you are signed in to Mentoring Online.